Meet the Marketing Minded Kelsey.


I am an authentic marketing professional that is analytically and creatively driven.  As an engaging communicator I take an interest in people which results in superior relationship management skills.

I am the conduit between the creative team and the client. Together we strategize to build campaigns with content that engages, informs, and evokes emotion from audiences to ultimately deliver on measurable business goals.  

My skills include email marketing, community management, omni-channel marketing, data interpretation, reporting, project management, and relationship management. Let's work together, collaborate, and create something amazing. 

I've worked with a variety of clients. However I specialize in the fitness, health and wellness industry. Ask me about my experience with the below clients.

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Digital Marketing Management

As a digital strategist I take the lead to help clients navigate the ever changing digital landscape. Alone or with a team I provide an audit of the health of your brand's digital marketing strategy. From there we create a clear road map to optimize performance on all relevant digital channels (i.e. email marketing, content marketing, social media management, website managment, e-commerce, SEO, marketing automation, digital advertising, apps, media/blogger outreach, etc.) into one actionable plan. Let's get strategizing!

Brandbot Marketing Expert

The BrandBot Marketing Expert sets up your BrandBot campaigns to create customers for life by creating a system to follow up with them from day one to happy member. They implement your Brandbot retention campaigns throughout your customer’s journey to increase your studio visits, studio memberships, and overall ROI for the Brandbot platform.

What is Brandbot? Great marketing starts with building relationships. To do that, you need a system that knows what each one of our customer does at your business; our integration gives you that information. Brandbot does that with ALL of your MINDBODY data, every hour, no mapping required. With Brandbot you can:

  • Convert New Customers: Help new customers reach their goal.

  • Engage & Retain Current Customers: Reach out to customers to increase engagement.

  • Win Back Lost Customers: Get more customers back through your doors.

Learn more about Brandbot.

Social Media Management

The digital world is social and brands are inserting themselves in the conversation. I provide clients with community management services including managing internal design process & strategy, posting & scheduling of content, conversation management, ideation on content that will drive social conversation, copywriting, and reporting & analytics. Let's get social!