My Yoga Journey

Kelsey's Teaching Style is Lively, Determined, Musically Inspired, Inventive and Empowering.

Kelsey turned to Yoga as a stressed senior in college trying to figure out her next step in life. With the pressure of becoming an adult, Yoga served as a creative outlet and a way for her to process her emotions. It was also the perfect addition to her high-intensity running regime. The 'Yoga high' became just as good, if not better than the 'runners high'. After a couple years of dedicated practice, Kelsey realized that Yoga could also be a tool for working through stress and anxiety. Eventually, she was inspired to uproot from the East Coast to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Denver. She completed her yoga training at Kindness Collective.

Kelsey is now The River Yoga's Director of Community Integrations. She thrives off of bringing people together to connect, collaborate and share ideas/stories. Her love for ALL humans, challenging workouts, and music/dancing shines through in her classes.

“I believe positive energy is contagious. I use my bright and loving personality and desire to connect and learn from the world to inspire those around me to do the same. Yoga is a way for me to connect with my mind, body, and spirit on a deeper level. Through teaching vinyasa, a practice linking the breath with movement, I aspire to help people to do the same.” - Kelsey Brown